How long do the effects of being grounded last?

The effects of grounding are cumulative.

The more you ground, the more you reduce inflammation, and the longer you can then be ungrounded.

For example, Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing, can go for about a day without being grounded now because he's been grounded so much over the last two decades. Someone who hasn't been grounded often during his/her life will start to see the effects of inflammation return after an hour or so.

Because your immune system is busy protecting you 24/7, it's ideal to be grounded all the time. Just being alive uses up electrons in many metabolic processes, including the basic process of cellular energy production. There is always an ongoing demand for electrons, which you receive from grounding.

When you ground yourself on a routine basis, you are, in a sense, topping up your electron tank which maintains the electrical stability and health of your body. This makes it very difficult to develop chronic inflammation, the cause of most common chronic disease. If you think about animals in the wild, they are grounded constantly and don't suffer from inflammation or any other chronic health conditions like we do.

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