Can I use a Ground Rod to connect to one Earthing® product and and plug another Earthing® product into an outlet?

No, it's not a good idea.

If you were to do it, you would be creating what’s called a “ground loop,” meaning a closed circuit − a closed loop with the ground closing the loop. When you place an Earthing® ground rod into the soil, usually it is not close to the house ground rod. There are differences in size, depth, and soil conditions between the two rods that create an electrical resistance between the two rod locations. This means a different “electric potential,” that is, level of electrical energy, and the difference would generate a current flow in the closed circuit of which you are a part. So the current flows through you.

In general, you wouldn’t feel anything unusual and you wouldn’t be harming yourself. But, there would be risk from a shock, for instance, when a power surge or a thunderstorm occur. In that case, the difference in electric potential can get very high, reaching even several hundred or even thousands of volts, and create a very strong current enough for you to feel as a mild shock.

All Earthing® product cords have built-in resistors that protect you. If it were not for the presence of the resistor, the shock you feel would be much larger.

The bottom line: If you use more than one Earthing® product at one time, connect them to the same grounding source, either to grounded outlets or to the Ground Rod. Not one to the outlet and the other to the Ground Rod.

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