Is grounding a new concept?

No, it's not. Throughout practically all of history, humans have walked barefoot on the Earth. They have sat and slept on conductive animal skins, and fashioned those skins into footwear. Living like this enabled our predecessors to absorb the Earth’s natural energy into their bodies at all times.

Over time, as we've "advanced" as a society, we've disconnected ourselves more and more from touching the Earth. Today, everyone is chronically disconnected from ground and as a society, we largely live our lives indoors.

During the late 1880s, a back-to-nature movement in Germany featured walking barefoot and sleeping directly on the Earth. For more on this movement, refer to the Earthing book.

At Earthing®, we're committed to spreading the message that we all need to reconnect. We encourage everyone to get outside and put their bare feet on the ground whenever possible. We've created products that allow you to be connected to the ground while you're sleeping, working, and living your life indoors.

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