Can I put a fitted sheet over my Earthing Mat?

Direct skin contact is always best. However, the Earthing® Sleep Mat may be placed under your fitted sheet with complete grounding success!

Shortly after lying down, perspiration and environmental humidity will hydrate your fitted sheet more than enough for your body to absorb electrons from the Earthing Sleep Mat and equalize your body with the negative electrical charge of the earth. 

Helpful Tips:

  • SHEETS: Natural fiber sheets like cotton or bamboo allow a faster and stronger grounding connection than man-made materials like polyester.
  • PAJAMAS: If you choose to place your Earthing® Mat under your fitted sheet, please don't wear pajamas. If you place your Earthing® Mat on top of your fitted sheet, then wearing pajamas is fine.
  • SOCKS: Your feet are one of the most readily conductive areas of your body, so sleeping without socks is best.

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