Am I grounded in water?

It depends on the water!

Pure water like distilled water or snow has no minerals or salts dissolved in it and so is a poor conductor of grounded energy. When certain minerals, such as salt, are added to pure water, then the water becomes conductive (as a result of dissolution that breaks the salt into its components, electrically-positive sodium and negative chlorine).

The following types of water WILL ground you:

  • Ocean Water: It's full of dissolved salts and minerals and represents a superb conductive medium for grounding.
  • Lakes & Rivers: They generally contain less minerals and salts than the ocean but they are still good conductors.
  • Mineral Hot Springs: The high mineral and salt content will ground you.

The following types of water MAY ground you:

  • Swimming pool: Yes if you have a salt water pool and the water is in contact with a metal drain pipe going into the ground. Normal tap water in a pool can also be conductive, but again, it needs to be in contact with a metal fixture going into the ground.
  • Bathtubs, Showers, and Facets: Tap water contains minerals and salts and is conductive, but as with the pools, it must be running through metal pipes that go into the ground in order to ground you.

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