Can I use my Earthing® product anywhere in the world?

Type B Outlets: Earthing® products are designed to be used with an Earthing® Ground Rod placed in the soil outside through a window or door, or via a grounded three-prong wall outlet inside the home or office. (We do make Extension Cords to extend the length of the Ground Rod cord if you need an additional 40 ft of length.)

In the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean, the electrical systems in homes and offices that have been grounded utilize what is known as “Type B” electrical wall outlets. The third hole is the grounded port. This is the type of outlet the Earthing® products will fit into without needing an adapter.

Other Types Of Outlets: There are many different three prong outlet configurations around the world though and some are grounded and others are not. For this reason, if you want to plug into a wall outlet you will need to determine first whether your outlet is indeed grounded. An electrician can determine this for you, or you can purchase a simple outlet ground checker at an electrical supply or hardware store locally.

Once you have determined your outlet is grounded, depending on what country you are in, you will need to purchase an outlet adapter. We sell Earthing® adapters HERE.

Ungrounded Outlets: Outlets with only two holes and no earth/ground strip or earth/ground pin or hole mean there is no earth/ground present. In this case, you must use a Ground Rod. Or, if you don’t mind a cord running through your apartment or house, you can connect (clamp or tape) the prong end of the Earthing® cord to the cold water pipe under your bathroom sink as long as the cold water pipe is entirely made of metal all the way into the ground.

Please Note: Earthing products do not operate on electricity, so the electrical current in your country doesn’t matter (whether 110 volts or 240 volts, etc)

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