Do I need an electrician to check my outlets before I use Earthing® products?

In North America, most modern homes have a three-prong outlet system for the Earthing® products to plug into. However, it is possible that your home has been wired incorrectly and so you must check it with an outlet checker (there is one included in your order) to verify that your outlets are grounded.

If two orange lights show on your outlet checker, then your outlets are grounded and you're ready to use your Earthing® products. If you see any other combination of light colors, you'll need to call an electrician to fix your outlets or use a Ground Rod to connect your Earthing® products to the ground outside.

If you have a house built before the 1960s, and outlets do not have a third hole (ground port), you will either need to use a Ground Rod or call an electrician to update the wiring.

Outside of North America, you will need to follow a similar process. If you check your outlets and they are grounded, you will need to purchase an adapter in order to use the Earthing® products in them. You can find adapters HERE. You also have the choice to use a Ground Rod.

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