Do I need an electrician to install my Earthing® products at home or in my office?

No, because Earthing® products do not run on electricity. They are used in your home through the grounded port of your wall outlet. No electricity runs through the grounded port.

If your outlet ISN'T grounded, you two options:

  • Use an Earthing® Ground Rod to connect the Earthing® products to the ground outside
  • Call an electrician to come convert your outlets to a grounded system.

(Generally older homes, built before the 1960s, will not have grounded outlets and will require the use of a ground rod or the services of an electrician to do some updating on the electrical system.)

Your Earthing® order comes with an Type F Outlet Checker to see if your outlets are grounded. If you live in a country that has a different type of outlet, you will need to purchase an Outlet Checker for that outlet type as well as an Outlet Adaptor.

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