Why do I need Earthing® products if I can just go barefoot on the Earth?

Earthing® products are a convenient and safe way to get grounded for more hours each day.

Our ancestors walked barefoot on the earth, wrapped their feet in conductive leather, and slept on animal hides on the ground. Such practices were part of the ordinary way of life throughout history. Our ancestors were always grounded. This is the ideal but no longer how we all live.

We rarely go outside barefoot, except as kids romping in the summer, or when we're at the beach. We wear insulated shoes and we sleep on elevated beds inside our insulted houses.

Earthing products were created to address the issue of comfort, convenience, reality, and practicality. The products are basically “extension cords” that bring the Earth’s energy from outside into the office and home, simulating being barefoot outside. They were developed to satisfy the growing requests from people wanting to sleep, work, or relax while grounded indoors.

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