Can I be struck by lightning through my Earthing® product?

Homes are rarely hit by lightning. When this does happen, the lightning likes to take the path of least resistance to the ground, which means traveling through large conductive systems like the plumbing pipes, electrical wiring network, or telephone and cable TV lines, all of which are directly grounded to the Earth. It's always looking for the easiest and fastest way to the ground.

Your Earthing® products are connected to the ground via wire or grounding rod, and have a built-in current limiting 100k ohm resistor to guard against any sort of electricity coming through to you. This would not be the easiest path for lightning to get the ground and the resistor would melt before the lightning could ever get to you.

However, if you live on a mountain top where the odds are higher of your house being struck by lightning, or in Florida where there are the most lightning strikes in a year, or if you have any other concerns about lightning, please follow the standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the U.S. National Weather Service or the weather authorities in your country.

Lightning is unpredictable and it never hurts to be overly cautious. If you are worried at all, simply disconnect your Earthing device(s) and don’t use during lightning and thunderstorms.

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