If I don't have grounded outlets and can't use a Ground Rod, is there anyway for me to be grounded inside?

If you don’t mind a wire running through your apartment or house, you can connect (clamp or tape) the prong end of the Earthing® cord to the cold water pipe under your bathroom sink.

This pipe is part of the building’s water supply system, which originates underground, and is thus grounded as long as the pipe is totally made of metal all the way down to the ground. If there is any plastic section of the pipe, it will cause an insulating effect, and you will not be grounded. You may want to consult with an electrician to explore this and other possibilities to create a good electrical ground connection.

Meanwhile, try to spend some regular barefoot time out-of-doors if possible. You could also consider using an Earthing® Universal Mat Kit or Sticky Mat Kit in your office or place of work, if practical.

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